Indian Rajasthani Antique Framed Door #010

Indian Rajasthani Antique Framed Door #010

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Grand and majestic doors with frame original piece very close to 100 years old. They have been salvaged from the Punjab. Very heavy and durable made from Himalayan Hardwood. Knockdown for easy transportation. Only requires new hinges for it to go back to its original grandeur. One can feel rightly proud to have this set of doors at your gateway or entrance. All the carvings were made with primitive tools at a time when time and money was no consideration. Art was at its zenith.

Please note that each item is handmade making them one-off and unique. We love that they are all different, we hope you do too. 


Outside: TBC 1400mm x 2100mm     

Inside: TBC 1000mm x 1860mm


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