About Us

No one wants to leave their holiday villa. We all know the feeling of getting home and it feeling far too drab, clunky and restrictive.

We think every home deserves a slice of paradise. And everybody deserves to feel as calm and relaxed in their own homes as they do on holiday.

You want products filled with character. Designs that echo your stays in paradise. Natural materials that feel good to touch and great to look at. Great value products that don’t compromise on ethics.

And you can. Paradise Living is a family-run boutique specialising in authentic furniture and homewares since 2017. Using only natural, raw and sustainable materials, each item is designed to bring the beautiful style and feelings of paradise into your home for everyone (but especially you) to enjoy.

We work with and support families, artisans and ethical manufacturers in the tropics that source raw materials and handcraft pieces we are proud to have in our own home. Every item features the nuances of its hand-craftsmanship, providing unique pieces with interesting stories to tell.

In fact, Paradise Living now features the biggest range of handcrafted imported products from the tropics. You can style one room or your whole home to mirror the paradise you know and love, all from one convenient place.

Get a slice of paradise at a fair price without having to leave your home. And enjoy Paradise Living.

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