Concrete Terrazzo Stone Bath & Basin Care Guide

The Terrazzo Stone used to create your gorgeous bath and/or basin is synonymous with durability.

While your new bathroom piece is built to last, it still needs an element of care to ensure it continues to remind you of the tropics. Read these instructions to keep your bath looking ship shape and shiny all year round!

Please Note: Our Stone Baths and Basins are all handmade in Indonesia, and are crafted from terrazzo stone and concrete. All baths that we import may have imperfections and fill marks. This adds to the beauty and character of these unique items.


These baths weigh over 200kg, which means they need patient and careful handling. We strongly advise using experienced tradespeople to help you move and install your bath - most plumbers will have come across concrete or heavy baths before. Discuss the project with your builder and plumber and remember to protect yourself with insurance. You could talk to experts in large furniture removals such as piano removalists if you want some further advice!

When you receive your bath, it should stay in its crate as long as possible until you move it in place. The crate should be positioned as close to your bath’s end destination as possible.

If your bath is uncrated, there will be no frame to hold onto to assist you with manoeuvring the bath. We recommend pallet jacks, or a dolly trolley to help move your bath. If your bath needs to be rotated onto its side, it will need to be significantly padded to avoid chipping.

In some instances baths can be chipped during the process. You can slightly sand it out yourself with wet sandpaper. There also is a resin product called Tenax that can be used to fill a chip.

Please note Paradise Living are not responsible for installing these baths, and are not liable for any damage caused during install. This will come under your builder or plumber's insurance.

Please call Paradise Living Co. to discuss your install if you have any questions. Our lovely team can assist you and your plumber or builder on methods that may make your install a lot easier. Failure to do so may cause unnecessary grief.



Care instructions for Baths and Basins

Avoid staining and sealant damage

Each bath and basin is sealed before it arrives at your door. This waterproof coating strengthens the stone and helps protect it from staining or absorbing water. The underside of your basin has been lightly sealed but remains porous, and may still darken in colour upon contact with water. This is completely normal!

Unfortunately, there are substances that can stain or damage the sealant. To keep your bath or basin in excellent condition, you should.

  • Avoid contact with hair dyes, cosmetics, nail polish or other acidic substances as these may stain
  • Be aware that some chemicals can damage the sealant, and can be found in some cosmetics and skincare products including sunscreen
  • Do not use acidic cleaners or abrasive scrubbing brushes to clean as these may significantly damage the sealant

Allowing such products to come into contact with your bath or basin is at your own risk. Non-adherence of the above care instructions voids Paradise Living warranty.

Reseal every year

Your sealant will naturally wear thin over time. Terrazzo Stone is a porous material which absorbs stains. To avoid stains and water absorption, it is important it is resealed every year.

If your bath or basin is exposed to acidic chemicals or abrasive materials and you’re worried your sealant has become damaged, or you begin to notice stains appear, we advise to get it resealed straight away to minimise long term damage.

Use pH neutral and non-abrasive products to clean

Many people use soap or detergent to clean bathware. Try to use a pH neutral cleaner such as a regular dishwashing soap with a soft cloth. Avoid acidic cleaners (including orange/lemon based products) and abrasive scrubbing pads - these can immediately corrode the sealant, leaving your item susceptible to stains and water damage. 

 Keep dry when not in use

It is advised to wipe your bath and basin dry after use. This may be frustrating to start but will end up being second nature - the trick is to leave a small towel specifically for cleaning close by to remind you! This routine upkeep will minimise hard water deposits building up, which is left by minerals in tapware.

Do not leave water in for extended periods

While our sealant allows concrete to breath while remaining waterproof, water left in your bath or basin may penetrate the sealant and damage the surface. For that reason we suggest not keeping water in your bath or basin for extended periods of time - and wipe dry when you’re done.

Be aware of the nature of concrete

Over time, and depending on usage and care, concrete can become dull and/or develop its own unique patina, which will often make your piece even more beautiful. Usage of darker colours outdoors may also affect the colour over time.

Seal hairline cracks straight away

Hairline cracks are completely natural and will not affect the structure of your piece. However, you should still get the appropriate section of your bath or basin resealed immediately, as cracks can begin to damage the sealant and allow water to pass through. The weakest points of your item will be around the water holes, and usually where you will see cracks form. This is also the area that will see the most water, so it’s best to seal cracks you find here as soon as you can.

Avoid impact on surfaces and edges

Your Terrazzo Stone item has been designed fit for purpose: washing hands, washing bodies and brushing teeth. Using your bath or basin for anything other could significantly increase the possibility of damage. The impact of hard objects, including tapping appliances like razors on the concrete could chip or scratch your piece.

Please Note: Our Stone Baths and Basins are all handmade in Indonesia, and are crafted from terrazzo stone and concrete. All baths that we import may have imperfections and fill marks. This adds to the beauty and character of these unique items.