Oval Concrete Terrazzo Stone Basin - Mid Grey

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Matching perfectly with our stone baths, our concrete and crushed stone basins are created to complement your bathroom styling and fixtures. 

Please Note: Our Stone Baths and Basins are all handmade in Indonesia, and are crafted from stone and concrete. All these products that we import may have imperfections and fill marks. This adds to the beauty and character of these unique items.

Please see our Concrete Terrazzo Stone Bath & Basin Care Guide.


Waste: Use 32mm Dia Waste

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Height: 180 mm

Length: 600 mm

Width: 400 mm

Waste: Use 32mm Dia Waste



Your basin arrives pre-sealed.

Reseal every year

Your sealant will naturally wear thin over time. Terrazzo Stone & Concrete is a porous material which absorbs stains. To avoid stains and water absorption, it is important it is resealed every year.

If your bath or basin is exposed to acidic chemicals or abrasive materials and you’re worried your sealant has become damaged, or you begin to notice stains appear, we advise to get it resealed straight away to minimise long term damage.

Use pH neutral and non-abrasive products to clean

Many people use soap or detergent to clean bathware. Try to use a pH neutral cleaner such as a regular dishwashing soap with a soft cloth. Avoid acidic cleaners (including orange/lemon based products) and abrasive scrubbing pads - these can immediately corrode the sealant, leaving your item susceptible to stains and water damage.

Keep dry when not in use

It is advised to wipe your bath and basin dry after use. This may be frustrating to start but will end up being second nature - the trick is to leave a small towel specifically for cleaning close by to remind you! This routine upkeep will minimise hard water deposits building up, which is left by minerals in tapware.

Do not leave water in for extended periods

While our sealant allows concrete to breath while remaining waterproof, water left in your bath or basin may penetrate the sealant and damage the surface. For that reason we suggest not keeping water in your bath or basin for extended periods of time - and wipe dry when you’re done.